Gamer’s Playlist – Dwelling of Duels Combo: Ashane’s “Rose of Solemn” and Vikingguitar’s “My Sweet SOPHIA”

Time to rock out to some DoD remixes this week.  And I’ve got two doozies for you.

Rose of Solemn (Phantom and a Rose/Rose & Ghost, originally compsed by Hiroki Kikuta for Secret of Mana for the Super NES by Square, remixed by Ashane)

Another Secret of Mana remix, you say?  Well, McVaffe’s was fairly peppy – Ashane goes the opposite route with their remix, a guitar-driven take on a more melancholy song from the soundtrack, Phantom and a Rose.  This starts off contemplative and moody, but becomes a thrashing wave of sadness halfway through.  A brilliantly well-done spin on this excellent source.

My Sweet SOPHIA (Level 4/Level 1/Level 2, originally compsed by Naoki Kodaka for Blaster Master for the NES by Sunsoft, remixed by Vikingguitar)

YAY! I’ve wanted to highlight this phenomenal remix of Blaster Master’s more memorable tunes for some time now, and it’s up at Youtube at last!  Vikingguitar excellently coupled three of Kodaka’s songs, building into each segway with exquisite care.  Soaring into Level 1 after the slower segment from Level 4, it’s the final third of the track that blasts into Level 2’s awesome theme that cemented this as one of the finest remixes ever made in my mind.  Kudos!  Vikingguitar released this and other remixes as a CD a bit back if you’d like to hear more from him.


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