Europeans AND Americans – I urge you to consider buying The Last Story

On February 24th, The Last Story arrived on European store shelves, and courtesy of XSEED Games, Americans will be able to own this game as well sometime this summer.  Mistwalker’s latest title has been receiving several accolades from the Japanese and European press thus far, and I would like to urge Western gamers to consider picking up The Last Story.  It was thanks to European RPG fans that allowed Xenoblade Chronicles to be brought here, and also granted us all a chance to play The Last Story.  Let’s show Nintendo that these games are not a niche market worthy of bypassing – let’s make the risks Nintendo of Europe and XSEED have made be absolutely worth it to them.  It will reward us with more localizations of more excellent games.

Here’s some refreshers on The Last Story in case you’d like to know more about it:

LVLs. The Last Story Imagery

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Review at NintendoLife

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To all of you who purchase The Last Story, my full appreciation,

Jerry Fieldsted (Wildcat), admin, LVLs.

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  1. Hopefully being delivered to my door tomorrow morning! Can’t wait! :)


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