Capcom Pisses on Gamers’ Legs, Claims It’s Rain (SF x Tekken DLC)

There are many types of rain that one might encounter in their lives.  Heavy Rain is beautiful, but leaves you feeling slightly cheated and lied to.  Chocolate rain might make you giggle slightly for a few seconds, then continue for no readily explainable reason for another four years.

Then there’s rain as defined by Capcom.  By their lexicon, “rain” is when someone takes a leak all over you and asks for your thanks (and money) in return.  Case in point: Their latest crossover fighter, Street Fighter x Tekken, features no fewer than 12 DLC characters ON-DISC.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve purchased my fair share of DLC in my time.  Hell, probably even more than my fair share.  I’m not against the idea of spending money beyond the initial outlay to expand and extend a game’s experience.  Capcom just seems bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands, though.

The explaination they’ve provided is less than endearing, as well.  If we’re to believe them, these characters are already on the disc to aid with compatibility between people who buy the DLC and those who don’t.  Additionally, they state that it helps cut down on the file sizes for the DLC itself.  Well no shit, Sherlock.  Where’d you park the squad car?  When all you’re downloading is a text file with an unlock key in it, I’d expect it to be pretty damn small.

You’ve got some nerve, Capcom.

Gamer’s Playlist – Metroid Metal returns with The Brood

Stemage has once again rocked out a new Metroid tune, in this case the very short Space Pirates theme from Super Metroid.  He’s padded it with plenty of appropriate yet original chords, and I was quite pleased with the overall piece.  You can download it for free at his site here.


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