Artistic Discussion – The Good and Bad of Gaming Box Art: 4/9/2012

Good – Ecco the Dolphin (Genesis, Sega)

Unlike our last visit with Boris Vallejo, this one is quite spectacular!  I’m curious about the oceanic world Ecco inhabits, why he has stars on his forehead, and am overall impressed with the ambiance of the piece.  This looks like a fun game (which it is, for the most part) from the cover, and I definitely would consider it as a purchase.  Well done, Sega!

Bad – Magic Sword (Super NES, Capcom)

And then there’s this.  The woman at the left is probably the best thing about this piece.  She looks appropriate and she isn’t marred by some hideous problem (her left thigh is a little odd, but not super noticeable).  The hero, however…what exactly is he staring at?  It’s not the villain!  His pecs are also a little lopsided, his arms don’t look like they were originally attached to him, and I don’t think most people would be successfully defending attacks holding a shield like that.  That and he just looks too…prissy to be out in the battlefield (well, our heroine as well looks a little too dolled up, considering the game’s context of her being locked up in a wizard’s tower for a few days minimum).  The antagonist looks like he’s laughing, is doing some great jazz hands magic, has a dorky costume, and his horns aren’t even.  And why is that dark gem randomly floating around?  I don’t recall any purple, cloudy sky in the game, either.  Nor mountains.  Doesn’t it take place in a TOWER? And the space to the right of the villain seems like a rather sudden shift of colors, from pink to dark purple with no transition whatsoever.  I’ve seen worse boxes, but this one has quite a few thorns, that it does.


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