Virtual Console No-Shows: Pokemon Stadium (N64)

100. Pokemon Stadium (N64, Nintendo/HAL Labs)

Brief Synopsis – Pokemon Stadium essentially was a clever marketing ploy by Nintendo that allowed players to send Pokemon from the first generation into three-dimensional battles!  The key selling point was the Transfer Pak attachment, which allowed you to upload your own Pokemon from the Game Boy Red, Blue and/or Yellow cartridges into the game to conquer its challenges.  As an overall game, there wasn’t too much to it beyond some mini-games, a tournament mode, the ability to play Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow on TV,  and rendering the Pokemon battle engine into 3D, but it did quite well sales-wise and a sequel soon followed.

Why is it Missing? – Nintendo’s Pokemon empire is so far removed from its earliest days that this game would almost feel pointless.  Only 151 Pokemon to play as?  Not to mention the loss of using the Transfer Pak, which would cripple a lot of the appeal of this game.  I think it’s ultimately a relic in the history of the franchise, and that Nintendo is thinking of bigger and better things.

Other (Legal) Options – The game is a N64 stalwart, and you’ll need a Transfer Pak and a copy of the Game Boy Pokemon Red, Blue and/or Yellow to get the most out of it.  You may want to consider the sequel for the N64 as well, which features the ability to incorporate Pokemon from Gold/ Silver/Crystal on top of the original trilogy.


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