Fatal Fury – The Other Street Fighter II

Fatal Fury

I quite enjoy SNK’s Fatal Fury series. I’ve recently posted an article at my personal blog discussing the original 1991 Neo Geo fighting game and how it’s really like an alternate evolution of Capcom’s 1987 Street Fighter:

A common misconception is that Fatal Fury is a rip-off of Street Fighter II. It was easy to come to this conclusion in 1991, being that Fatal Fury‘s release trailed Street Fighter II by nine months, and given the enormous popularity of the latter, it was impossible not to compare them. What needs to be realized, however, is that both games share common ancestry. Fatal Fury was the brainchild of Takashi Nishiyama, who had previously worked at Capcom, and was actually the creator of the original Street Fighter. Both Fatal Fury and Street Fighter II were building off the foundations of the same game, but taking its concept in entirely different directions.

You can read the full article at my blog, Lark’s Island: Fatal Fury – The Other Street Fighter II

Virtual Console No-Shows: Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf (NES)

101. Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf (NES, SNK)

Brief Synopsis – Despite the aggressive title, SNK’s “Fighting Golf” is devoid of any fisticuffs. In reality it’s a fairly rudimentary but well-programmed golf game for the NES, sponsored by one of the bigger names in the sport at the time, Lee Trevino, aka Supermex. In my opinion, which is based completely on memory :p , this is the best golfing title for the console.

Why is it Missing? – SNK Playmore have only gone so far as their NeoGeo software on the Virtual Console, and have completely ignored their NES output.  PSN has gotten several arcade ports, but I don’t think the arcade Fighting Golf is among them.  They could strip out Trevino and his likeness if they ever wanted to re-release the game, but if Crystalis, by far their best-hailed NES game, continues to be absent, I suspect a more curious title like this one will never see a second coming.

Other (Legal) Options – NES cartridge and old arcade boards, anyone?  Those are your only options.


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