Music Wednesdays – Tears for Fears’ “Head Over Heels”

Though probably best known for “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, I’ve always been more partial to this, the single released just after the aforementioned song.

This is my foooooour leaf clover.

Music Wednesdays – Hall & Oates’s “Rich Girl”

Being a member of Generation X, I ended up being heavy into alternative, grunge and classic rock as a teenager.  Before that time, though, my musical preferences were based more upon what my family listened to than anything I had actually sought out on my own.

This is where Hall & Oates come in.  My mother had a rather extensive collection of music on 8 track tapes when I was a kid.  I grew up listening to the likes of Journey, ZZ Top and The Cars.  Hall & Oates were also prominently featured.  Some of my earliest memories are of reading Richard Scarry books in the kitchen while “Rich Girl” played on the stereo.

What I’m trying to say is that Hall & Oates fucking rock, and I’ll go to war with anyone who says otherwise.  “Say money, money won’t get you too far.  Get you too far.”

The Joys of Retro Gaming Christmas Edition – Batman Returns (SNES)

Batman Returns SNESThe word “Christmas” brings all sorts of images to mind.  Brightly decorated trees.  Reindeer.  Colorfully wrapped presents.  For me, though, the holiday can be summed up succinctly with two words: Batman Returns.

Though it was released in June of 1992, the second round of Tim Burton’s take on the DC comics superhero was set firmly in late December.  Snow covered the ground, parties were held, and powerful figures sought to reshape Gotham City towards their own diabolical ends.  Also, there was the goddamn Batman.

While perhaps a bit simplistic by today’s standards, I’ll always have a soft spot for the SNES games based on the movie.  By all accounts it was little more than a licensed knock off of Final Fight and its ilk, but it was a surprisingly well-crafted knock off.  In fact, this was my favorite Batman video game for a very long time, up until Rocksteady got their hands on the Caped Crusader.

If nothing else, they managed to include the scene where the Ice Princess is murdered.  Considering that this came out in 1993 (a rather significant delay for a movie game) and appeared on at least two Nintendo consoles (NES and SNES), it seems worthy of note.

Check out the video below for the scene in question, along with a goodly amount of gameplay footage.

Oh, and one more thing.  Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.


Dark Souls Speed Run Breaks My Heart

Dark SoulsWithout question, Dark Souls was my favorite game from 2011.  Released by From Software as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, it upped the ante in virtually every way.  Bigger worlds, better weapons, badder enemies.  It took me over a year to finally work up the nerve to beat this thing, and another few months on top of that for 100%.

Watch now as Freddy “Thanatos” Vasquez completely demolishes this game in a speed run that clocks in at just over half an hour.  HALF AN HOUR!!!  I’ve gone on corpse runs in this game that took longer than that!

Major props to this guy for just totally dismantling every aspect of this game into one incredibly impressive run.


Music Wednesdays – The Starting Line’s “Island (Float Away)”

As temperatures start to drop, thoughts naturally drift towards warmer environs.  I’ve always been fond of The Starting Line’s first single off of “Direction”, even if I might not agree with the look lead singer Kenny Vasoli seems to be sporting here.  He looks more like a dirty hipster than the babyfaced pop punk frontman of previous years.

At any rate, the song is pretty fun.  Hope these guys can make a comeback at some point.

Music Wednesdays – Danny Elfman’s “This is Halloween”

In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song.

My Boo

I have no idea who made this or if it’s even for sale, but it’s positively adorable.

How to Draw Pokemon (When you have no idea what they look like)

My knowledge of the Pokemon franchise amounts to pretty much whatever I could scrape together from the first anime series, and dabbling here and there the occasional game.  I’ve never actually put the time into beating one of these things, which makes The Pokeymans Project all the more amusing.
Basing her drawings off of nothing more than the physical descriptions provided by her readers, Noelle Stevenson has set about to doing her level best to draw what these creatures might look like.  In some cases, she’s quite a bit off, but it’s actually quite eerie to see how close she comes on a lot of the others.  Definitely head on over to her blog and check it out!

Music Wednesdays – Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face”


I often forget just how many kick ass songs Billy Idol has.

Music Wednesdays – The Cab’s “One of THOSE Nights”

Yet another band I’d never heard of before playing one of their songs on Rock Band.  If you’re in the dark like I was, it turns out that these guys were signed to Fall Out Boy’s “Decaydance” label, and Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz are even featured on this song.  I’m definitely going to have to check out the full album this one came from.


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