Fan Art Fridays – Pekepeke0’s “Silent Hill”/Gamer’s Playlist – DigiE’s “Trance Turnabout”


Happy birthday to me! To celebrate, I’m sharing a fan art I recently fell in love with, as well as one of my fave remixes! Woo!

Pekepeke0, also known by her first name Ami, was last seen here during the Metroid Fan Art special. This morbidly perfect rendition of Heather from Silent Hill 3 astounded me with how wonderfully apropos it is. Dark, moody, sinister, and hellish; a fantastic interpretation.


The Ace Attorney series has some great music that has been radically improved by remixers. Case in point: DigiE’s splendid mixing of the ‘Gyakuten Saiban 3 · Trial’, ‘Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered’, ‘Questioning ~ Allegro 2001′, ‘Questioning ~ Moderate 2004′, and ‘Turnabout Courtroom – End’ themes. This is amazing music that takes the limited GBA sounds and gives them a richness that the handheld could not replicate in its wildest dreams. It’s quite danceable, too!

Fan Art Fridays – “Odin Sphere” by hf-zilch/Gamer’s Playlist – “Wetgrass Inspired” by AmIEvil


I may not have liked Odin Sphere as a game, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like its character design. hf-zilch has done a splendid job re-imagining Gwendolyn in their own style, which has a nice dark edge to it. Very nice piece!


Tristam Village is one of my favorite gaming tunes for a town, and AmIEvil graced it with a relishing remix that capturing the melancholy and malice lurking within. The remix takes Matt Uelman’s original notes and amplifies the emotion tenfold, taking the single guitar and wails the original featured and expanding them with a wide array of instruments, giving it a grander quality. Well worth a listen!

Fan Art Friday/Gamer’s Playlist – Mega Man 25th Anniversary Special


We’re doing things a little differently this week. Yes, Mega Man made it into Fan Art Friday last week, but I realized after that post that it’s his anniversary, so I want to give him a more thorough shout out. So, two songs and two bits of art celebrating Mega Man’s 25th will be on tap for you today. To begin, let’s rock on with Technodrome‘s beautiful interpretation of the Mega Man 3 title.

While soaking in that jam, relish in spacecoyote‘s revisioning of the Mega Man universe. She’s quite talented; I featured one of her Metroid pieces last year. This piece made it into UDON’s Mega Man Tribute.


Now, let the waves of Eric’s Little Shack smack you around a little with their soaring Wave Man cover.

How I’ve always wanted to hear it. Once you’ve dried off, relish FlintofMother3‘s cute MM2 Wily homage. Flint is a NinDB regular, and another of his works made it into the Mega Man Tribute book, too! Congrats to you both for making it in!


Click to enlarge, as its dimensions wouldn’t quite pan out with the format.

Happy birthday, Mega Man!

Fan Art Fridays – Rockman 3 by Taru Souga/Gamer’s Playlist – Sonic Medley by Super Guitar Bros.

I spotted this wonderful piece from Taru Souga at Rockman’s Corner this past September, and have wanted to share my favorite of the bunch for a while now. Naturally, it’s Mega Man 3. :p I really like the colors and dynamic poses everyone is in. Fantastic work all around.

LVLs. spotlighted Super Guitar Bros. last year when they did their splendid Castlevania mix; now they’re back with Sonic the Hedgehog! This is a marvelously good blend of acoustic guitar with Genesis tunage, and it may be my favorite song of theirs thus far.

If you dig what you hear here, you can download the track from Dwelling of Duels (they walked away with the Gold!).

Fan Art Fridays – “This Horse Bastard” by Satoshi Ito/Gamer’s Playlist – Famicom Guitar’s “Endless World” from Dragon Quest 2

This week’s fan art/music spotlight is all about Dragon Quest. Satoshi Ito created a splendid illustration of Dragon Quest V, and there’s a lot more to admire on his Pixiv page (some of it is sorta NSFW, mind). A great artist taking great character designs and adapting them into their style perfectly; that’s what we have on display here.

Famicom Guitar knows how to rock Dragon Quest, and this is another great example of his mastery of game music remixing. This is “Endless Quest”, or the overworld theme, from Dragon Quest II. You can find a MP3 on his website (it’s Track 8 on Disc 1 on his music page) if you like what you hear. Man, he’s so good.

Fan Art Fridays – Bleed by AliceXZ/Gamer’s Playlist – “A Different Kind of Dream” by TheGuitahHeroe

This week I decided to do an anime fan art, and this one is really, really emotional. Spirited Away is a stellar movie, and artist Alice XZ rendered one of the pivotal scenes from said film in a gripping fashion, delivering chills and powerful memories…at least in my mind. She’s a frequent contributor to Threadless as well, and Grace has a shirt with one of her designs. Imaginative, that she is.

As for our Gamer’s Playlist selection this week, I’ve decided to go with one of my favorite NES track remixes. TheGuitahHeroe has been on an OC Remix spree lately, but my favorite mix of theirs thus far hasn’t popped up on OC yet (nor do I know if it will). Luckily, this sensational Kirby’s Adventure mix of its stirring ending theme did get the Remix:ThaSauce stamp of approval, and it also has mine. Faithful to the original yet full of the remixer’s chiptune-heavy style, this is a great tune to enjoy upon completing some sort of project to congratulate yourself. Give it a shot!

Gamer’s Playlist – Yoshihiro Arita, his band, and Seiko Visit Lon Lon Ranch

Another surge of schoolwork marks another little break from me, but don’t fret! I’ve got you covered with a post up to Sunday, and I hope to have some art drawn up for you this week. :) *ahem* As for today’s Gamer’s Playlist selection, this particular track, a delightful cover of Lon Lon Ranch and Epona’s Song from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is taken from Mario & Zelda Big Band Live!, a splendid little concert from Japan covering a slew of Mario and Zelda tracks in…big band style! Who’ve thought it? This one however is special, as singer Seiko re-imagines Malon’s hymn to Epona wonderfully, and the backing instrumentation of Yoshihiro Arita and his band is perfect. Enjoy!

Gamer’s Playlist – See Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn perform Silent Hill favorites live!

This is totally worth ceasing a hiatus for. Akira Yamaoka, the musical maestro of the majority of Silent Hill’s career, has formed a band to pay tribute to his work for that series. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who is the lead singer for many of those tracks since Silent Hill 3, is along for the ride as well. Here’s a sampling of their live sound!

More photos, vids and info can be found here. Kudos to Kotaku for the heads-up!

Gamer’s Playlist – Doni Remixes Zoda’s Revenge with Style

Zoda’s Revenge has such a spectacular soundtrack. It’s a shame it doesn’t get remixed all that often. Luckily, remixer Doni has done quite a few remixes for the StarTropics series, and this one in particular being a fantastic spin on the Stone Age Overworld tune. Remix:ThaSauce has an alternate mix for download, and his site has this particular rendition (and many more!) available. Enjoy!

Gamer’s Playlist: Hiroki Kikuta’s Secret of Mana Arrange Album Genesis is Spectacular


I’m a huge fan of Secret of Mana’s stellar soundtrack. It’ll probably be the next Song Highlights I do. Recently, Square-Enix reconnected with composer Hiroki Kikuta to release an arrangement album for the game in Japan called Genesis, and it’s really, REALLY good. Kikuta kept a retro sound to his approach, which makes it sound like a later Super NES title, and it’s glorious. Here’s a sample, “Wilderness”, a remix of “In the Thick of It”.

You can order the physical disc here, or buy it on iTunes for $9.99. Sample further from the Youtube user TheQuezacotl. I’m adding this to my Christmas list.


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