Game On Girl Podcast featuring me is now up!

I’m pleased to announce my appearance on Regina McMenomy’s Game On Girl podcast series has been uploaded today. :) I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet myself, but I can tell you what Regina posted about it:

Check out this week’s episode of Game On Girl where we talk to Jerry about his experiences as a role player and a male gamer who plays female avatars. Jerry is an Anthropology student and a writer at LVLs. – Gain Experience. Jerry is a role player and an artist, all aspects of his offline life that impact how he approaches gaming.

I had a wonderful chat with both Regina and her co-host Rhonda, and I hope that it carries across for all of you, too. :) I’ll be listening to it later on and will be commenting on it both here and there. Enjoy!

E3 2012: Game On Girl Debates the Differing Reactions to Far Cry 3 and Tomb Raider

Considering the subject matter, I’m going to make this article follow the jump.


All Gen Gamers chats with Walter Day

Episode 87 of the All Gen Gamers podcast features a great chat with guest Walter Day. Day was one of the original founders of Twin Galaxies in 1981, and continued to work for the organization until he retired in 2010. He was also prominently featured in the films The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade. In the podcast, they discuss the history of Twin Galaxies, as well as the infamous inaccuracies and revisionism in The King of Kong.

You can download the episode at the official All Gen Gamers website here: Episode 87: Walter Day talks Twin Galaxies

Additionally, you may also enjoy going way back to episode 32 in which they talk with Hank “Dr. Kong” Chien, who is still the reigning world champion on Donkey Kong. Download that episode here: Episode 32: The Doctor is in!

All Gen Gamers

All Gen Gamers is a new gaming podcast that started just a few weeks ago. I’ve been listening to it since the first episode, and I’ve been enjoying it, so I thought I’d go ahead a spread the word on it.

The three guys who created and host the show all hail from the YouTube community. There’s Pete Dorr of Pete’s Game Room, John/Gamester81, and Johnny Millennium the Happy Console Gamer (not to be confused with the Happy Video Game Nerd). Each show also has special guests.

The format of the show is simply a conversation about all aspects of games and gaming culture. As the name implies, the show is intended to be relevant to anyone who is into gaming, whether they’re relatively new, or if they’ve been playing since the days of Atari. The topics are often interesting and well covered, and the discussion is intelligent and mature.

If you enjoy listening to gaming podcasts, definitely check them out at their official website:


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