Gamer’s Playlist: The Minibosses’ new album, Brass 2: Mouth

It’s been quite a while since NES cover band The Minibosses have unleashed new material, but they’ve returned with Brass 2: Mouth, featuring Super Mario Bros. 3, Excitebike (a LOT of Excitebike), Goonies II, Tecmo Bowl, Kid Icarus, Ghosts n’ Goblins, Batman (aka Vantam), a medley of sports tunes, and a few originals.  You can purchase a download and sample the content at the band’s Bandcamp site.

Metroid Fan Art/Music Shoutout #1

For the next few weeks, I want to give some of the Metroid fanbase some love, as they’ve done some absolutely incredible work recreating the richness of the franchise in their own unique ways.  These posts will feature three stunning artistic renditions of the worlds of Metroid, with three Youtube clips of some amazing remixes done by some very talented musicians.  Let’s get started!

One Girl in All the World by transfuse

Samus’ Lonesome Waltz by blackguitar (OC Remix)

Night Encounter by Orioto

Metroid medley by The Minibosses

Samus by iwaisan

Coolin’ Down in the Red Soil Swamp by motolDM (Dwelling of Duels)

Kudos to all of you for some fine work!

Gamer’s Playlist – The Minibosses Score a Knockout with Punch-Out!!

Our final act for the Gamer’s Playlist July festival is arguably the most iconic of video game cover bands – The Minibosses!  Here’s their sensational spin on several classic themes from Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!.  Hope you enjoyed the tunes!

This is off of their album Brass…which you can order from them here!

Song Highlights: Castlevania, Super Metroid, Tales of Symphonia


Castlevania: Wicked Child – Level 3 (NES, Konami, Kinuyo Yamashita)

Man, how I do love me some Wicked Child. Definitely one of the finest NES compositions, this tune captures the frantic pace of the third section of the game perfectly. With its tough foes (especially the Fleamen, whose random hops manage to tie into this tune very well), high amount of pits, and the ambient scenery of scaling the castle’s walls and towers, this is a lovely example of how to properly set up a tense mood with your gaming music. I wonder why Konami hasn’t brought back this classic into the modern Castlevanias…scared of living up to the awesomeness of the original, perhaps? I have to also add that both the Advantage and the Minibosses have covered this song with much success.


Super Metroid: Brinstar – Plant (SNES, Nintendo, Kenji Yamamoto)

Here’s a song I’ve meant to write about for a while, but somehow I kept forgetting to. But not any more! Another great example of using music to set up a great atmosphere, Brinstar (Plant) feels the most “alive” out of all the music in Super Metroid, which fits its location in the game (the organic section of Brinstar, which is teeming with plant life). It also sounds a little menacing, as if this section doesn’t want Samus to be there exploring its dark depths. Fantastic.


Tales of Symphonia: Dry Trail – Latheon Gorge (GC. Namco, Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura)

This slow, mellow tune is among my favorites in Tales of Symphonia. Dry Trail syncs up with its beautiful cliffside locale wonderfully well. As Lloyd and his allies resurrect wilted plants to use their strong gusts to float their way across the gorge’s many ledges, this tranquil music floats along with you, fitting right in with the action. The addition of waterfalls and fruit bearing trees in the background helps give this place a rich feeling of life, and this song encompasses all of that into its delightful melody.


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