What’s Going On Here?…and the Imagery

UPDATE 2: Turns out I was recently cited in I Am Error by Nathan Altice for my feature series Cultural Anxiety. Since his citation leads to LVLs., I wanted to put up a notice here that the series is now located on P4 under the Culture Clash! banner. I’m seeing if I can acquire the book through the library so I can see how exactly I was utilized in his work, but I appreciate the nod, Nathan!

UPDATE: Everything I wanted to move has been ported onto P4, so I’ve deleted all of the posts that were here. The Imagery will remain for now, and the future of this site is still being figured out. I’ve also made the Imagery the main page of the site, so it lies below this text wall.

So, in the meantime, enjoy the artwork, and please come visit P4 if you liked my writing!

~ JF

Welcome to the Imagery section of LVLs. Here you will be able to browse the artwork of several games that feature incredibly awesome designs, sketches and concept work.

Note that I’ve been removing some of the art I once hosted. I’ve changed a lot since I originally posted up a lot of this stuff, and some of it I’m no longer interested in being attached to.


Skies of Arcadia

Beyond Good & Evil

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Jet Grind Radio

Kid Icarus Uprising

Grandia II

The Last Story

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals

Marvel Vs. Capcom

Tales of Symphonia


Legend of Zelda

Street Fighter


Sin & Punishment


Breath of Fire

Persona 4

Dragon Quest

Monster Tale

Fire Emblem

Rival Schools

King of Fighters


Shadow Hearts


Ace Attorney