Opinion: Absolute Bullshit Design in Games (8/20/2016)

Suikoden. Great game. Its direct sequel is proving to be even better. So unlike the last time I wrote one of these, there’s an actual ping of regret for tearing into these games (sorry RE6). But there’s one element that plagues both games and have made me incredibly sour, and that’s the dice game (Chinchirorin)….

Opinion: Seven Games I Shouldn’t Have Let Go

I’ve sold off many games over my life to facilitate more purchases. Most I’ve been okay with — didn’t care for the game, had another version, or had access to a digital copy that was cheap. But there’s been a few that I feel remorse towards getting rid of now…here are the seven I would…

Happy 15th Anniversary LVLS!

On August 6th, 2001, I put up my first website, Wildcat Online, on Tripod’s services. LVLS came from those humble (and immature) origins, and thus it is the 15th anniversary of this little operation. Hard to believe! Man. It’s come a long way…and yet, in some ways, it has returned to its roots as being…

Misc. Imagery transfer all done!

Finally, after a little over a week, I’ve got all those art galleries in the Misc. Imagery relocated as posts. Enjoy them in this new, easier-to-load format.🙂