Music: Castlevania II’s “Bloody Tears”

I’ve already praised Kinuyo Yamashita’s “Wicked Child” earlier, so to kick off our Vania celebration let’s begin with my second favorite composition from the series on the NES/Famicom, Kenichi Matsubara’s “Bloody Tears” from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. While I am not a huge fan of the game itself, the music continues to astound, establishing the…

It’s Castlevania Month this October!

Even though Konami has essentially abandoned game development, their storied legacy cannot be denied, and this October I want to get in the Halloween spirit by doing some features on one of my favorite franchises, Castlevania. I adore so many entries in ‘Vania that I’d like to do a top 5. I love the music…

Music: Kenji Ito’s Splendid “Open the World” from Culdcept

Culdcept is a pretty neat board game/card game hybrid I’ve dabbled a little with for the PS2, but its first board has this amazing theme from masterful composer Kenji Ito, best known perhaps for his work with Square-Enix’s SaGa. This is just grand music, man: enjoy!

RIP C. Martin Croker

Learned today that the voice and animator of one of my favorite cartoons back when I was a teen passed away a few days ago: C. Martin Croker, one of the creative leads of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Not only serving as one of the creators of the concept, not only working as one…

Art: Overwatch

Someday I’ll give this a try, but for now I can just admire the art direction.

Music: …Music Sunday?

Long ago when LVLS was LVLs. and I wrote a lot of things about other topics than games here I had a feature called Music Wednesdays. It was a place to share some of my favorite music that was not game-related at all…and you know what, it’s my damn site and we’re bringing that back….