Opinion: Absolute Bullshit Design in Games (8/20/2016)

suikodenii-diceSuikoden. Great game. Its direct sequel is proving to be even better. So unlike the last time I wrote one of these, there’s an actual ping of regret for tearing into these games (sorry RE6). But there’s one element that plagues both games and have made me incredibly sour, and that’s the dice game (Chinchirorin). As a option, this is totally fine. I don’t care. In the first it’s even a boon at times to rake in much needed cash to upgrade your shit. But both games decided to force this minigame of chance as a requirement to recruit characters. And that’s horribly idiotic!

Let me be upfront. Luck in video games…it’s not a fun element to play around with, generally speaking, for me. As a stat in a RPG, I’m okay with it, because it typically affects things like critical hits and such, and whatever. But if it’s a central mechanic to your gameplay? Oh fuck no. It’s why I hate Alex Kidd. And it taints the overall joy that is Suikoden and Suikoden II so much! I completed the original with all 108 Stars of Destiny. I wanted to do that, but to get there I had to A) beat Tai Ho at dice to progress the plot and B) then subsequently beat Gaspar to earn his trust and have him join you. I spent a good hour on Gaspar. Just reloading the game over and over and over and over and over and…

Suikoden II once again revisits the idea with Tai Ho, and while it’s prettier this go-around, I did not find the refined physics any easier to manipulate than the original game. And thus reloading, reloading, reloading…you get the idea, right? And I’m sure I’ll have to do this garbage to recruit someone else and it’s going to be harder and FUCK

If money wasn’t involved, then it wouldn’t be so bad. But you need that shit to continue swapping out gear for better equipment and to polish up your weapons. And wasting it to get the plot to jerk forward or to recruit some gambler is obnoxious. I’m not going to grind potch, Konami. I have better things to do (like play the other 95% or so gaming marvel you built here) than to waste time on a luck-based challenge. So while I am having a grand time with the series’ origins, I really really wish Chinchirorin wasn’t blighting it.