Music: Some Apropos Songs from Billy Talent

So, we have as a country chosen to elect someone who has never held political office, has a reputation of being a generally shitty person, has openly discussed his harmful views on women and sexually assaulting them, espoused some of the most racist and xenophobic diatribes in recent political history, and has been frank about his intentions to dismantle many of the civil rights victories built over the years (decades…centuries) by some of the most incredible, dedicated individuals America as produced to placate white nationalists, evangelicals, misogynists and the homophobic. I cannot articulate how disgusted, disappointed and disgruntled I feel about all of this. I genuinely am incapable of putting this lump of anger, remorse and depression into anything resembling the complexity it deserves. I don’t know what the future will bring. I am terrified of the direction the nation selected. But I’m going to not let this horrid election bring any ruin onto me. I can’t allow it. This year had been monumentally saddening before this shitfest emerged to further dampen my spirits. But fuck it. I won’t be cowered. So here. Listen to some songs from one of my favorite bands, Billy Talent, who has had plenty to say about fucked political systems. They have suddenly gotten ammunition to write more.

Stay strong, everyone.