Opinion: 2017 Resolutions

  1. Draw. I haven’t drawn much since I moved, and it’s time to change that.
  2. Work on my creative writing. This too has gone in fits and starts. I need to really consider the direction I want to take my primary project this year and either revise the latest draft or start over entirely.
  3. Start fencing again. Due to my separation I pushed this back, but I need to get this going proper next year. Along with that, exercise!
  4. Finish First & Frequent Fantasy. I’ve made some good progress on this over the past few months, but now I need to actually dig into the data and wrap this up.
  5. Read. Man oh man has reading for pleasure died. I’m ready to remedy that. Got plenty of books!
  6. Focus on my backlog next year for games. Looking over this year’s completed games, I had several replays — probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the games I finished were revisits. I’ve got several partway or new games on my shelves and digitally; let’s tackle those!
  7. Finish transitioning to being single. My ex and I need to get all of our shit in order. This should happen pretty quickly once we get down to it.
  8. Gender. Write that shit.
  9. For LVLS, I want to continue the posting style I’ve set up, but next year will see more personal features like my favorite music, favorite games, least favorite games, etc. I think I will also discuss the games I’m currently playing in more detail with some impression pieces; the Suikoden and Resident Evil 6 examples were good to write, so I will likely keep those up.
  10. Decide what I want to do with my future. fuck