Opinion: My Top 111, #45 – 47

47) The Last Blade 2
Good: In my opinion the best looking 2D fighting game of the 1990s. Gorgeous and apropos character design and animation. The overall presentation is so on point and excellent. Engaging gameplay.

Poor: As usual, the SNK AI scripts get batshit hard the deeper you go. And it’s probably me, but sometimes I can’t get the moves I want to actually happen in the game, but I imagine that’s my Capcom upbringing more than any fault of the game’s. It just makes things occasionally irritating for me.

46) Suikoden II
Good: One of the finest, most streamlined combat engines I’ve played, and the six-member party allows a lot of flexibility, creativity and strategy. Another nice perk about battle is the auto option, which allows quick takedowns if you’re just trying to get somewhere, or the Let Go feature is awesome against weaker opponents for the same reason (it stops the battle instantly). Excellent music and spritework make the world come alive, and its very compelling character recruitment and storyline motivated me to 100% the game.

Poor: The War Battles are a poor man’s Fire Emblem, and are easily the weakest part of the game for me. Duels are a neat mechanic but it’s ultimately a guessing game (unless you look at a FAQ, which I did after getting burned once). The base is great and really makes you feel at home but at times it’s a little cumbersome to navigate. Some sexist undertones.

45) Super Mario 3D World
Good: Incredible level design that works for one or multiple players. Colorful, rich and dynamic world and character designs that embody the Super Mario ideal perfectly. Arguably the best soundtrack in the franchise. Peach is finally liberated! And it controls beautifully.

Poor: The camera perspective can make precision platforming difficult at times. Despite Peach (and eventually Rosalina) being playable, Bowser still kidnaps other women. The last few bonus worlds are relentless.

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