Opinion: My Top 111, #26-27

27) The Last Story
Good: Excellent characterization that destroys the cliches typically attached to JRPGs midway through for one of the most amazing narratives I’ve come across in a game. Intriguing combat engine that focuses on real time combat is a lot of fun once it clicks. Lazulis is one of the best hubs I’ve come across in a game. Stirring soundtrack and solid voicework.

Poor: This game pushes the Wii well past its limits, leading to stuttering and freezes. You will want to yell at Zael until that aforementioned moment where he finally breaks through the narrative chains (ha) holding him. Could have used a bit more color in the environments.

dehr26) Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Good: Evolves the Deus Ex formula beautifully. Adam Jensen has a wide array of skills and augments that allows extensive customization on how to proceed through each level. Tight and responsive gameplay is blended with top-notch level design. The Director’s Cut adds in additional content and much needed attention to the boss fights.

Poor: Questionable casting decisions (especially Letitia). Final level goes against a lot of the other design principles powering DE:HR, making it stand out. Before the Director’s Cut, the bosses were easily the weakest link, feeling dissociated from the rest of the game.

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