Opinion: Power Up! – The Screw Attack (Metroid franchise)

Screw Attack (Metroid franchise)

Samus Aran’s arsenal may be more distance based, what with all the beams and missiles and bombs, but my personal favorite of all of her weapon options is the mighty Screw Attack, because it is the perfect move to fully enable both faster backtracking (by ripping through enemies that may otherwise slow you down) and feeling like an absolute badass (by ripping through enemies that may otherwise give you some grief). The Screw Attack just is so satisfying to use. By turning the simple action of a jump into a means of attack, Samus transforms as a character and as an avatar. Formerly, Samus would be better served to fight foes with some caution, using her beams and missiles as need be to wear them down from a ways off. With the Screw Attack, Samus can now be much more up close and personal, making combat visceral and weighty in a completely different way. I mean, Samus just shreds alien bodies apart with her energy-infused somersaults. Bone, sinew, organs, skin, muscles — all rendered asunder by colliding into Samus’ armor as she spins. And that is an amazing power up indeed to wield such incredible force in the final moments of any Metroid title it appears in.