Music – Our Lady Peace’s “Drop Me in the Water”

I tell you what, being a LONGTIME Our Lady Peace fan has been quite a ride. At this point, singer Raine Maida is the only founding member still involved, drummer Jeremy Taggart left, and the last few albums have had some high points, but some pretty hefty lows, too. Curve, their last album, was mostly solid and easily the best CD since Spiritual Machines in my book, but still…”Mettle” was a waste of a track to me and it needed a few more really heavy tunes on it in my opinion. “Won’t Turn Back”, the single released after Curve, was by far the most pop-heavy song the band had produced since “Innocent” and “Somewhere Out There”, but with that slider dialed up even further. A good composition, sure, but not one I picture from the band that sprung “Superman’s Dead” and “One Man Army” on us back in the 90s. So with their next project, I wasn’t really sure where it would go.

Well, here we are with the first half of their new LP, Somethingness, and “Drop Me in the Water” is REALLY good! It seems to thread the line between that old-school grudge sound of their earlier work on Clumsy and the more melodic turn the band has taken since Healthy in Paranoid Times, finding a great balance. Raine even throws in several falsettos that feel much less forced than the past few albums, where they seemed to be there because he used to sing them all the time. :p So yeah! Release this on iTunes in the US please!