Music: 52 Women VGM Composers You Should Know About – Leila Wilson

Leila “Woofle” Wilson

Wilson is a very fresh face in the world of VGM composition, making her debut with 2014’s Freedom Planet with a vibrant and energetic soundtrack that defines her entire output. She has also provided her distinct style to Dragon Snack, as well as the re-arranged soundtrack for Bunny Must Die and Hitogata Happa. Wilson has several games in the pipeline she’s contributing music for, including Freedom Planet 2, Miasma Caves, Leilani’s Island and Archives of Wyndia. On top of video games, she has produced several LPs and EPs of original music, some of which connect to her other creative endeavors such as a WIP novel universe. In short, Wilson is a star on the rise and will likely be a force in the medium within a few more years.

Notable Samples:

“Dragon Valley 1” from Freedom Planet, 2014, Galaxy Trail Games

Overworld themes from Leilani’s Island, in development, Ishisoft

“First Descent” from Miasma Caves, in development, Windy Games


Whimsically Theoretical interview with Wilson –

Wilson’s Soundcloud page: