Music: 52 Women VGM Composers You Should Know About – Minae Saito [Fujii]

Minae Saito [Fujii]

Minae Fujii (now Saito) began her sound career with Capcom in 1991, joining Yasuaki Fujita as a co-composer for Mega Man 4. From that project she mostly continued to work on the NES, providing music for Tale Spin and Ducktales 2, as well as sound support for Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, The Little Mermaid, and Tenchi wo Kurau II: Shokatsu Kōmei Den, continuing to work with Fujita. She also had a track on Breath of Fire and produced sound for Super Buster Bros. and some role on Final Fight 2.

In 1993 she left Capcom to go freelance. This period of her career is not very well documented in English, but the Japanese Wikipedia page cites her working on games for Bandai (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Next time you puzzle!), SNK (Pulstar, Blazing Star, and NGPC titles Puzzle Bobble Mini, Metal Slug First Mission and Metal Slug Second Mission), Acclaim (Spawn: The Video Game) and Whoopee Camp (Tomba!!). See took an extended hiatus but Capcom called her in to contribute a track to Mega Man 10, and following that she has continued her absence from the video game composition scene.

Notable Samples:

“Skull Man” from Mega Man 4, 1991, Capcom

“Day and Night” from Breath of Fire, 1993, Capcom

“Niagara Falls” from Ducktales 2, 1993, Capcom


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