Music: 52 Women VGM Composers You Should Know About – Laura Shigihara


Laura Shigihara

Shigihara is one of the leading indie composers today, best known for her involvement to Popcap’s Plans Vs. Zombies and its sequel. Her distinct sound enhanced the puzzle/action gameplay greatly, giving the game a huge portion of its charm. Briefly a part of EA following their purchase of Popcap, she has again returned to freelance work and recently finished developing and composing her own game, Rakuen. Other soundtracks she has contributed to are Cosmic Star Heroine, Super Meat Boy, To the Moon, Theme Park (2011), Mindsweeper (2009), High School Story, Band Saga, Aether (the Basement Collection), Celestial Mechanica, Sweet World, CHUNITHM, Ghost Harvest, Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos and its sequel, Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom, Flowershop: Big City Break, among others.

On top of video game composition, she is also an accomplished singer (some of the above credits are for her vocals), and produces video game remixes and original music. She does voice work as well, perhaps most notably for World of Warcraft as the “Singing Songflower pet”.

Notable Samples:

“Day Stage” from Plants Vs. Zombies, 2009, Popcap

“Kami Kabuto Hero” from Rakuen, 2017, Laura Shigihara

“Cotton Alley Light” from Super Meat Boy 5th Anniversary, 2015, Team Meat


Bandcamp page for Shigihara:

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