Imagery Update

Hi all, As part of the renovations going on here at LVLS, I’ve shifted all of the Imagery pages into posts. I’ve cleared a few broken images here and there, and dropped all of the preambles from the pages. I’ve also removed the FLCL section. Persona 4 is currently down as well, but it may pop up in…

The Last Story Imagery

Character Art Zael (Elza) Calista (Kanan) Dagran (Quark) Syrenne (Seiren) Yurick (Yuris) Lowell (Jackal) Mirania (Manamia) Count Arganan General Asthar (General Trista) Therius (Tasha) Zangurak (Zangurg) Jirall Group Art Concept Work

Tales of Symphonia Imagery

Lloyd Irving Colette Brunel Genis Sage Raine Sage Kratos Aurion Sheena Fujibuyashi Zelos Wilder Presea Combatir Regal Bryant Group Art Summon Spirits Martel and Tabatha Mithos Yggdrasill

Street Fighter Imagery

Ryu Ken Chun-Li Vega Sagat M. Bison Cammy Akuma Charlie Rose Guy Sakura Cody Karin Ibuki Alex C. Viper Juri Group Art

Skies of Arcadia Imagery

Main Cast Vyse Aika Fina Novel Art Group Art In-Game Art Concept Work Valkyria Chronicles Cameos Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed Cameos Secondary Cast Drachma Gilder Enrique Rameriz Piastol Valuan Royalty/Generals Bounties In-Game Art Concept Work Support Characters and NPC’s Ship’s Crew Other Important NPC’s