Clarification on some post deletions re: Brand New

I knew sooner or later I would hear something terrible about someone who has had a significant impact on me with all of the sexual harassment/abuses coming out lately. Yesterday brought to light allegations against Brand New’s Jesse Lacey, frontman of one of the most crucial bands of the 2000s to the present for me….

Site News: An Attempt to Credit Images

LVLS has been going on for 8 years now (in its two variants), and I’ve collected a bunch of artwork and screenshots that I’ve posted over that time that I’ve absolutely failed at properly crediting. While P4 has been very rigid about sourcing, I guess I never felt like I should do that here, but…

It’s my 34th birthday!

I turned 34 sometime around 2 AM this morning. It’s going to be an interesting and crucial year for me. I will be truly on my own, making critical choices that will impact the rest of my life. If the world doesn’t entirely burn by year’s end, of course. :p For everything I can control,…

Happy New Year Art Bonanza

It’s the last day of 2016. Man, I’m so done with this year. To celebrate its end, I’m going to put up a lot of art throughout the rest of the day. Enjoy! …pardon the dated Skies banner art, but it seemed like a decent fit. Just change that to 2017 in your mind, ok?

Happy 15th Anniversary LVLS!

On August 6th, 2001, I put up my first website, Wildcat Online, on Tripod’s services. LVLS came from those humble (and immature) origins, and thus it is the 15th anniversary of this little operation. Hard to believe! Man. It’s come a long way…and yet, in some ways, it has returned to its roots as being…

Misc. Imagery transfer all done!

Finally, after a little over a week, I’ve got all those art galleries in the Misc. Imagery relocated as posts. Enjoy them in this new, easier-to-load format. 🙂

Site News: 7 Years with WordPress

Apparently a couple days ago my blogging efforts here at WordPress reached the seven year milestone! Wow! Overall, I’m very pleased to have relocated here from my old Tripod sites those seven years ago — both in terms of necessity and in terms of ease of use. LVLs. was the original, so it’s sort of…