Feature Hub

LVLS is growing, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to quickly pull up articles I’ve put up in the past. So, this page will serve as a means of finding various series, spotlighted pieces and anything else I feel like placing here. This is a work in progress. Enjoy perusing!

Academic Features:

Gaming and Gender Hub

Femicom – A Chronological Encyclopedia of Important Female Characters from the NES/Famicom

The Early History of Women in Video Games

First and Frequent Fantasy

Culture Clash! – The Rocky Road of Localization

Regular Features:

My Favorite Women in Video Games Hub

My Favorite Men in Video Games Hub

My Least Favorite Characters in Video Games

Favorite Super Moves in Video Games

Top 25 Gaming Box Art

Artistic Discussion – Good and Bad Box Art in Video Games

Retro Comps Reviews

Top 35 of the NES

Mini Console Breakdowns: NES Classic, SNES Classic, Genesis Mini

RANKED – NES Switch Online and SNES Switch Online

RANKED – Various “Best ofs”

The Best of the Worst – Memorable Enemies and Bosses

A Dual Life Perspective – Yearly Recaps

Decade of Memories – A Collection of Articles Looking Back on the 2010s Hub

Absolute Bullshit – Bad Game Design or Mechanics in Games

Power Up! – Collectibles, abilities and powerups

Favorite Super Moves in Video Games

Five Ways – How I would recommend improving my favorite games

VGM Music Hub

Women VGM Composers You Should Know (hub)

Konami Retrospective

The Belmont Chronicles: A Virtual History of Castlevania

Virtual Histories on Metroid and Super Mario