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ucm-headerHello and welcome to the new home of First and Frequent Fantasy: UC Merced Women & Gaming. This was a UC Merced undergraduate research project directed by Anthropology student Jerry Fieldsted. It was advised by Anthropology Associate Professor Robin DeLugan and Writing Lecturer Nicholas Valdez over the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 semesters. Its purpose was to gather anthropological data on the video game playing history and habits of UC Merced women. The study consisted of three methods of data collection: quantitative surveys done online, qualitative interviews with participants wishing to go into more detail than the survey format allows, and a focus group to discuss particular aspects of the data with some of the participants and allow these women a chance to communicate among one another. I want to utilize all of these formats to maximize my data possibilities; some may be more comfortable talking about their habits and preferences, while others would rather work on a survey in private. The data collected from these methods will be kept separate from each other but will ultimately support one another in a paper that will discuss commonalities, and will springboard further research based on the comments of female game players to help foster more equity in the medium. Originally, this project was run on its own blog, but with the data collection period over, I have decided to relocate it to LVLS+. This special section of my site will focus on continuing developments on this project.

This study has been significantly influenced by two academic works on women who play games: “Game on Girl: Identity and Representation in Digital RPGs” by Dr. Elizabeth Regina McMenomy, and “Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender in Gaming”, edited by Yasmin Kafai et al. Also, it has been affected by my work here at P4 and at Game On Girl (now The Geek Embassy), a podcast and editorial site created by McMenomy and Rhonda Oglesby, and by continuing developments in the gaming sphere revolving around women and their part in the industry as players, creators and characters. It is supported by UC Merced Women’s Programs.

Updates will be listed below as they occur.

10/7/2016 – Let’s try this again. The paper begins in earnest with the Acknowledgements and Abstract post.

10/24/16 – The Introduction is up!

10/29/16 – The survey data has been posted via Appendix I.

11/28/16 – The chapter The Initial Design has been posted.

11/29/16 – The Participant Observation Appendix is now up for view.

12/11/16 – The Preliminary Interview Appendix has been put up.

4/19/2017 – The Interview Transcription Appendix Hub is available. Over time all 16 interviews will be linked to this post. I am currently transcribing the remaining interviews.