Ace Attorney Imagery

Welcome to the Ace Attorney Imagery! Here you will find some of my favorite representations of the casts of Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth’s various games. I adore the franchise, mainly due to the dynamic character designs, so I’m pleased to be able to share them with you! Enjoy!

Ace Attorney (c) Capcom

Phoenix Wright

aa-phoenix (1)aa-phoenix (2)aa-phoenix (3)aa-phoenix (4)aa-phoenix (5)aa-phoenix (6)aa-phoenix

Maya Fey

aa-maya (1)aa-maya (2)aa-maya

Mia Fey

aa-mia (1)aa-mia (1)aa-mia (2)aa-mia

Pearl Fey

aa-pearl (1)aa-pearl (2)

Miles Edgeworth

aa-miles (1)aa-miles (2)aa-miles (3)aa-milesaa-miles (4)

Franziska Von Karma

aa-franziska (1)aa-franziska (2)aa-franziska (3)


aa-godot (1)aa-godot (2)

Dick Gumshoe

aa-gumshoe (2)aa-gumshoe

Kay Faraday

aa-kay (1)aa-kay

Apollo Justice

aa-apolloaa-apollo (1)

Trucy Wright

aa-trucy (1)aa-trucy (2)

Ema Skye


Klavier Gavin


Other Characters

aa-atmeyaa-baddaa-dahilaaa-demasqueaa-gantaa-jakeaa-kokoneaa-laminoraa-lanaaa-lanaaa-lottaaa-maggie (1)aa-maggie (2)aa-maxaa-veraaa-vonkarmaaa-will

Group Art (categorized by order of release in America)

pwaa- (8)pwaa- (5)pwaa- (3)pwaa- (2)pwaa- (1)pwaa- (4)pwaa-jfa (3)pwaa-jfa (2)pwaa-jfa (1)pwaa-jfa (5)pwaa-jfa (4)aagroup (3)pwaa-tnt (3)pwaa-tnt (2)pwaa-tnt (1)pwaa-jfaaagroup (1)ajaa-ajaa- (10)ajaa- (8)ajaa- (7)ajaa- (6)ajaa- (5)ajaa- (4)ajaa- (2)ajaa- (1)aagroupaagroup (4)AAI- (3)AAI- (2) AAI- (1)pwaa5

Ace Attorney Cameos Outside of the Series