The Last Story Imagery

Welcome the The Last Story Imagery!  I think the art done by Kimihiko Fujisaka for this Wii RPG is astounding, so I wanted to host it all! I’m thrilled that XSEED is bringing it stateside! Note that all file names are with their Japanese character names.

The Last Story (c) Nintendo/Mistwalker/XSEED Games

Character Art

Zael (Elza)

Calista (Kanan)

Dagran (Quark)

Syrenne (Seiren)

Yurick (Yuris)

Lowell (Jackal)

Mirania (Manamia)

Count Arganan

General Asthar (General Trista)

Therius (Tasha)

Zangurak (Zangurg)



Group Art

Concept Work

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