Music: Top 5 “Town” Themes

Sanctuary areas in games tend to have unique, relaxing compositions that emphasize safety and tranquility. However, I seem to like more melancholy themes, given my three favorites are more morose in tone. Regardless, here’s five of my favorite town themes from my Top 100 list: Lower Valua, Skies of Arcadia, Yutaka Minobe and Takayuki Maeda,…

Art: Rockin’ Kats

Almost hard to believe this is the same artist that did the majority of Shin Megami Tensei‘s Demons…but it’s true!

Music: “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” from Persona 4

Shoji Meguro has become one of my favorite composers thanks to his masterful work on injecting a ton of style into the Persona series, and this is my favorite from P4. Catchy as all out! Great memories.