Beyond Good and Evil Imagery

Jade Alpha Sections Concept Work Original Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer Grabs Prince of Persia (PS3/360) Jade costume Some images from BG&E Myth.

Art: Fan Art from Talented Women Pt. 1

I’m tired tonight, so here’s a quick post of three fan artists I really like. I’ll link their art page underneath each image. Enjoy! keiiii‘s “From Where She Stood” (Fire Emblem) SoleiBee‘s “Yoa” (Beyond Good and Evil) spacecoyote‘s “Brother in Arms” (Mega Man)

Art: Fan Art done for me in 2018

My forum bud Ixo drew both of these for me in 2018! The first is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil, and the second is Shi Kurai from my Isolate graphic novel (which can be found at Visuals!) I love both of these and really appreciate you making them for me, my friend! 😀

Music: Top VGM STKs #2 – Beyond Good & Evil

  Beyond Good & Evil gave Chrono Trigger a really good contest, I do have to say. It is perhaps unsurprising that my favorite game of all time would also feature a highly rated soundtrack as well (especially since “Home Sweet Home” is my pick for my favorite song from a game) — part of…

Opinions: Five Ways – Beyond Good & Evil

Eventually I would need to address how I would consider improving my favorite game of all time, so I may as well share my thoughts now before I get too inundated in this series. :p So what five things would I want to make Beyond Good & Evil even better? Make the final boss a…

Music: The Top 10 of My Top 100 VGM

So now that I’ve wrapped up that Top 100 VGM list finally, I wanted to share the ten songs I adore the most in order! Home Sweet Home, Beyond Good & Evil, Christophe Heral, PS2/GC/Xbox/PC, UBI Soft, 2003 – Five Modern RPG & Action/Adventure Tunes from my Top 100 Stage 1/5, Batman, Naoki Kodaka, NES,…

Opinions: Smash Bros. Third Party Additions (if I had any say)

All right, let’s finally wrap up this article series and discuss 6 characters from third parties I’d like to see come into the world of Smash. I don’t expect any of them to make it save maybe Shovel Knight, but that’s fine. This is all for fun. This has been trimmed a tad from the…

Music: Beyond Good & Evil’s “Propaganda” is the song we need right now

Beyond Good & Evil is my favorite game of all time, with one of the best soundtracks, too. Its message against the corruption of civil government into one fueled by tyranny and military occupation is very apt in the wake of the election, with Christophe Heral’s “Propaganda” serving as a siren call to wake up.