Opinion: Let’s talk about Square-Enix and Smash

With many outlets getting the opportunity to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the news has broke that Final Fantasy VII music retains the paltry two tracks Wii U/3DS received, and there has not been a sign of any FF representation outside of Cloud and the Midgar stage to be found thus far. This has been a…

Culture Clash!: Final Fantasy/Fainaru Fantajī (NES, Famicom)

Study 25 – Final Fantasy/Fainaru Fantajī (NES/Famicom, Square) Final Fantasy is unarguably one of the best known franchises in gaming history, with 15 main installments to date and a plethora of sidestories, spin-offs and compilations attached to its name. Final Fantasy was supposed to mean what its moniker implied when it was first released, though….