Music: 10 Spooky Tunes for Halloween – Diablo’s “Tristram Village”

This song has been on my Top 100 VGM list before, and it’s hovering on the cusp of making it in still. It’s a really melancholy number that captures the despair and destitution Tristram is feeling incredibly well. The guitar work is exquisite, too. A truly haunting, thought provoking piece.

Music: 10 Spooky Tunes for Halloween – Ducktales’ “Transylvania”

I just posted a Capcom tune but we’re doing more! And it’s the original cut of “Transylvania” from Ducktales! While I have decided Jake Kaufman’s thunderous modernization is the definitive take, this is still a spooky track well suited for its creepy level, and one that matches the mood of the TV show well enough…