Music: Top 5 Intro Themes

It’s a new month, so let’s do another entry in my Top 100 songs (boy, I’m doing a lot of lists these days…). Today I’d like to focus on my favorite introduction tunes. Silent Hill 3 – You’re Not Here (PS2, Konami, Akira Yamaoka/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) Akira Yamaoka is a master at crafting horror-tinged rock…

Opinion: Holy crap it’s Bomberman 64 on the Wii U

Well, the surprise N64 releases on the Wii U Virtual Console keep on coming. Two weeks back we had Harvest Moon 64, a game Natsume swore up and down wouldn’t be modernized, and now we have Hudson’s Bomberman 64. This has been on the top of my wish list for Virtual Console re-release ever since…

Art: Bomberman 64

Man, I love the designs in Bomberman 64. I drew them a ton as a teenager. They’ve aged pretty well considering; in this case simplicity wins out.

Femicom – Leilani/Tina (Adventure Island), Al Tiana (Space Hunter)

Leilani (Tina) (Hudson’s Adventure Island/Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima) Release Date: September 12, 1986 Developer: Hudson Soft/Escape Publisher: Hudson Soft Format: Cartridge Role: NPC (Damsel) Any Subsequent Appearances: Yes Introduction: Princess Leilani (or Tina, depending on the localization) has been kidnapped by the Evil Witch Doctor, and it’s up to Master Higgins to rescue her….