Gamer’s Playlist – Metroid Metal returns with The Brood

Stemage has once again rocked out a new Metroid tune, in this case the very short Space Pirates theme from Super Metroid.  He’s padded it with plenty of appropriate yet original chords, and I was quite pleased with the overall piece.  You can download it for free at his site here.

Metroid Fan Art/Music Shoutout #5

We’re gonna go all out on this final set of incredible fan renditions of Metroid’s look and sound – six pics and songs.  There may be some musician crossover from an earlier post, but I think they earned a second spot on this spotlight.  Enjoy!

Lil’ Metroid by jackin

Norfair by Metroid Metal

Metroid Fusion: Samus vs. SA-X by Selie

Just a Little More Prime by Darkesword (OC Remix)

Super Metroid 05 by ravenshield

Suite for Violin and Piano by Gabe Terracciano and Shnabubula (OC Remix/IGN)

Metroid Prime 2: Torvas Blogg by kelii

One Small Step for Aran by Daniel Alm (Dwelling of Duels)

Ridley NES by speedking

Kid Samus by prozax (Dwelling of Duels…with a little Kid Icarus on the side!)

Warrior by spacecoyote

Dieselbrainage by Mazedude (Heroes vs. Villains OC Remix/The Bad Dudes album)

Metroid Fan Art/Music Shoutout #2

Onward with more incredible fan renditions of Metroid’s visuals and audio!

Super Metroid by Maiss-Thro

Lonely Petals by DrumUltima (OC Remix)

Samus in Morphball by torokun

M2Q by Metroid Metal

Hybrid by Jace-Wallace
(link is full of nudity -you’ve been warned!)

Kraid’s Lair by The Advantage (sorry, no site to direct you to!  Buy their stuff on iTunes, though!)

We’ll resume these posts next week when I get back.  Enjoy the weekend!

Gamer’s Playlist – Metroid Metal’s take on Metroid 2: Return of Samus’ The Tunnels

Two in a row, you say?  Why not?  I’m kind of doing a mini gamer rock concert this week, I guess.  We’ll see if I can keep at it. :p  Anyway, it’s been a little while since Metroid Metal made an appearance here, and this thunderous rendition of the Game Boy classic The Tunnels from Metroid 2: Return of Samus is a fine way to bring them back to the feature.  I love this – it’s one of the group’s finest cuts thus far.  Stemage is joined on this track by Goat (who creates his own rocking remixes, some of which are at OC Remix) and chunkstyle.

More can be sampled at the Metroid Metal site.

Metroid Metal’s Latest Thrasher – Tallon Overworld

I’m sure it’s awesome, but I’ll be listening tomorrow.  The track can be downloaded, with some info from Stemage, here.

Gamer’s Playlist – Kraid’s Lair by Stemage

This Gamer’s Playlist idea of Nester’s was awesome.  Now I can break outside of my Song Highlights articles to cover some of gaming’s finest remixes and remakes from dedicated fans!  I hope that together we will expose you to some unknown coolness!

Stemage has built up an incredible reputation for his Metroid Metal project.  Here is a taste of the awesome:

Metroid – Kraid’s Lair, performed by Stemage of Metroid Metal

Stemage and his friends that make up Metroid Metal have plenty of other hard-hitting variants of classic Metroid themes over at their website.  I’ll likely be covering a few more of their songs in a later update.

Metroid Metal

NintendoLife has a solid interview with the guys at Metroid Metal, a cover band that does…well, the band’s name ought to give that away. :p  One of the guitarists, “Stemage”, put out a bevy of his own NES Metroid metal takes, and a lot of them are headbangingly awesome.  So I’m excited to get a chance to listen to a full-on band take on various Metroid tunes from Return of Samus to Prime.


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