Music: Kenji Ito’s Splendid “Open the World” from Culdcept

Culdcept is a pretty neat board game/card game hybrid I’ve dabbled a little with for the PS2, but its first board has this amazing theme from masterful composer Kenji Ito, best known perhaps for his work with Square-Enix’s SaGa. This is just grand music, man: enjoy!

Music: …Music Sunday?

Long ago when LVLS was LVLs. and I wrote a lot of things about other topics than games here I had a feature called Music Wednesdays. It was a place to share some of my favorite music that was not game-related at all…and you know what, it’s my damn site and we’re bringing that back….

Music: Little V Mills’ Knockout Splatoon Cover

Little V Mills makes some killer rock/metal remixes, and this take on the Squid Sisters’ trademark theme is definitely one of my faves. It’s only missing the Squid Sister vocals, but it shreds so hard it’s totally okay.

Music: Journey to Silius’ “Stage 3”

As I wrote a few months ago, Naoki Kodaka is (in my opinion) by far the greatest composer for the NES, and his masterful work on Journey to Silius is a testament to how amazing he was. This track from Stage 3 is my favorite; an excellent beat and bassline builds to a dramatic melody…

Music: NiER’s “Hills of Radiant Winds”

NiER was a very interesting game, at least in a conceptional sense. While I got a little tired of its gameplay, I can’t deny it did some very cool, unique things. And another high point was this delightful song played during the plains. Primarily composed by Keiichi Okabe with the aid of Kakeru Ishihama, Keigo…

Music: Dragon Quest VIII’s “Strange World”

Dragon Quest as a franchise hit its 30 year milestone this past week. In celebration, here’s my favorite musical contribution from the franchise, this lovely orchestration from the NA PS2 version of Dragon Quest VIII. This is how one does a wistful overworld; excellent work from Koichi Sugiyama.

Music – “Staff Credits” from Splatoon

Splatoon is easily one of the most unique soundtracks in all of games, adopting multitudes of musical genres and mashing them all into one re-imagined squid universe. The Vocaloid moment in Japan is clearly an inspiration for the sounds of the Squid Sisters, and this R’n’B cut of their theme is iconic to me of…

Music: The Soundtrack of Mega Man 3

A forum thread popped up asking people what their favorite Mega Man stage theme was. For me, it’s Snake Man or bust. Mega Man 3 was my first exposure to the franchise, and I’m pretty positive Snake Man was my first choice to try out (because he’s SNAKE Man; you think I was gonna try…

Music: “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” from Persona 4

Shoji Meguro has become one of my favorite composers thanks to his masterful work on injecting a ton of style into the Persona series, and this is my favorite from P4. Catchy as all out! Great memories.

Music: Strike the Earth! (Shovel Knight)

Jake “virt” Kaufman has become one of America’s finest composers in the past decade, and this may very well be his magnum opus. Such a loving homage to the NES days, but so much more technical than a soundtrack of that vintage, Shovel Knight is a tour de force of gaming music. “Strike the Earth!”…

Music: The Last Ninja by Ben Daglish

In particular, 4:21. The stage 1 theme is an absolutely amazing composition from the early days of the medium. It manages to create one hell of a mood starting out, and then it kicks into overdrive, launching a cavalcade of layers over the listener. I was blown away by this back as a kid, and…