Music: Top 25 Soundtracks Update

2018 had three huge releases in terms of soundtracks — Celeste, Gris and Smash Ultimate — so I added them all to my Top 25 soundtrack list. I also did some slight rearranging to the list, and crowned Splatoon 2 the definitive soundtrack in that series, so only one game fell off the list (since…

Music: Alanis Morissette’s “Perfect”

  Alanis Morissette’s 90’s smash Jagged Little Pill isn’t what I’d call a particularly deep album, but it is a very personal and resonating one. I’m choosing one of the deeper cuts from the album, “Perfect” as it’s one I can feel is a fairly good parallel for a lot of people growing up with…

Music: 50 Foot Wave’s “Somebody to Love”

Kristen Hersh has been making music for quite some time now, and my personal favorite is 50 Foot Wave’s hard rock sound. The biting lyrics where Hersh lets venom fly without a care in the world, the smashing guitars and drums moshing with the surging basslines…just so good. This cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic…

Music – Of Monsters and Men’s “Organs”

Of Monsters and Men have done a rather marvelous job capturing my mood post-divorce. It’s difficult to let go of twelve years of being with someone and seeing that person you thought you knew so well turn out to be someone entirely unlike that perception. “Organs” captures some of that confusing period quite well. Finding…

Music – Women Who Make Badass VGM Fan Remixes Pt. 2

Today I’d like to continue talking a little about some women fan remixers who have done some amazing mixes reimagining video game compositions — namely RPGs — in novel directions! RebeccaETripp has been on fire lately, becoming one of OC Remix’s most frequent contributors the past few years. She absolutely nails the mood of her…

Music: Regina Spektor’s “Carbon Monoxide”

Soviet Kitsch is a masterpiece. Packed with Regina’s most creative and polished compositions before fully embracing a poppy sound, “Carbon Monoxide” encapsulates the album’s lyrical and experimental strengths perfectly. Regina’s delightful voice bounces between her somber piano and the pulsing guitar/drum work that slides in throughout the song. And I MISS this Regina so much….

Music: Kimya Dawson’s “So Nice So Smart”

Kimya Dawson is a performer I need to explore a little more than I have. I adore her contributions in Juno but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. This is a catchy tune, though, and I like the way it ends. Keep it real, Kimya.

Music – Boa’s “Twilight”

Jasmine Rodgers has an amazing voice. The titular track from their first album showcases her power, with delicate melodies surging into the decadent choruses. I need to listen to more of this album.

Music: Women VGM Composers You Should Know About – Yoshino Aoki

Yoshino Aoki Aoki began her composing career at Capcom, where she was tasked with creating rearrangements of Kinuyo Yamashita’s compositions for the PS1 port of Mega Man X3. She also showed off her singing voice by providing vocals to Roll’s theme from Mega Man Battle and Chase, which was subsequently reused in Marvel Vs. Capcom….

Music – Women Who Make Badass VGM Fan Remixes Pt. 1

Today I’d like to shine the spotlight on some women fan remixers who have done some marvelous work reimagining video game compositions into new and wonderful directions. Into the Golden Sunset by Bogusred (from Zelda: Link to the Past) I’ve spotlighted Bogusred before, back in 2017, but she remains steadfast in my heart as one…