Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? – 1989 Michael Keaton Batman Figure

I really need to check out Michael Crawford’s website more often.  It seems that about a month ago he put up a review for the latest masterpiece from Hot Toys, a 1/6 scale figure of Micheal Keaton as Batman from the 1989 film.  Without a doubt, this is my childhood put into a box with a nice, big $240 price tag on it.

It looks to be worth every penny, too.  Aside from the insane amount of detail present here (as with all HT releases), you get a fair selection of extras, as well.  There’s the grappling hook, which can be kept on the belt in two separate pieces as in the original film.  There’s the line launcher from the museum scene, which hooks rather nicely onto his right arm.  They even included the little metal thingy on his left hand that shoots out to slap bad guys in the face.  All in all, a very impressive addition to the company’s already-amazing lineup.

I’ll leave it to Michael himself to describe the various ins and outs of the release.  For now, I’m going to be digging through all of the couch cushions in the house to scrounge up the cash for this bad boy.  Maybe I’ll put this on in the background during the search…


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