Opinions: Absolute Bullshit in Games – Skyrim

So, why am I ranting about Skyrim of all things randomly? Well, I’ve been dabbling off and on with it the past month and a half or so. And between my badass Level 51 super assassin and my attempts to start up a new jack-of-all-trades character, I just really begin to get into a groove…

Music: Five More Random Selections from my Top 100 Songs

Well, I think random picks is probably going to be the way it goes for the rest of my Top 100 song posts, but that’s okay. The songs are great! Sly 2: Band of Thieves – Dmitri’s Disco (PS2, Sony/Sucker Punch, Peter McConnell, 2004) I have to admit that Dmitri from Sly Cooper is arguably…

Music – Five Random Selections from my Top 100 songs

I have no uniting theme for this month’s VGM Top 100 post, so here’s a random assortment of five songs I haven’t covered yet. Body Harvest – Indoor Theme (N64, Stuart Ross/Allan Walker, Midway/DMA Design, 1998) I adore this song. It’s such a melancholy piece of music, an indicator of how much danger and chaos…

Opinion – Bottom 25 Games: 10) Resident Evil 6

10) Resident Evil 6 (PS3, Capcom, 2012) Oh man, Resident Evil 6 is by far the worst game I’ve played this decade. No contest. No question. Not even co-op with a willing partner was able to overcome the overwhelmingly dire gameplay, dull level maps, dumb narrative and goddamned design decisions that doom the entire experience….

Opinion: My thoughts on the Strider franchise (under Capcom)

Capcom’s Strider franchise has been one of the company’s most intriguing, despite its relative obscurity in the grand scheme of its history. With four entries directly made under Capcom’s auspices (which means I’m not including the reviled Strider 2 for Genesis), Strider pales in contrast in breadth to many of their other series like Street…

Music: Beyond Good & Evil’s “Propaganda” is the song we need right now

Beyond Good & Evil is my favorite game of all time, with one of the best soundtracks, too. Its message against the corruption of civil government into one fueled by tyranny and military occupation is very apt in the wake of the election, with Christophe Heral’s “Propaganda” serving as a siren call to wake up.

Heartache, Heartbreak: The PR Disaster Of Ni no Kuni

This is a personal tale, one that chronicles my attempt to own Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’s Wizard’s Edition. As you may presume by my word choice, I am one of the many unfortunate people who lost out on getting their copy of the CE, although the reasoning varies from most others….