Stripping Away Silence – Street Fighter x Tekken Topics A-Plenty

Well, I suppose this was inevitable, really.  Here’s Capcom’s latest attempt to alienate their fanbase: having the 12 DLC characters for Street Fighter x Tekken seemingly complete on the disc but with no legal way of accessing them until after the PS Vita launch, in which case they will (presumably) charge you for the magic words to open the sesame to play as Elena, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Blanka, Dudley, Alisa, Lars, Christie, Jack-X, Lei and Bryan without modding.  Fun times.

This kind of bullshit is inexcusable.  It really is.  I thought ULTIMATE Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was a terrible way to strip away additional funds from the fighting game fan base (see here and here for more on that), but at the very least it was an honest “the content on this disc is exclusive to ULTIMATE” sort of thing.  By hiding away 12 of the SFxT’s cast behind a shroud of DLC with no explicable reason beyond “let’s charge you more for all of the content on this disc – $60 isn’t enough for what we’re giving you!”, is highway robbery, and Capcom ought to be disgusted with themselves.  Jason pretty much sums up any further griping I had with his post, so I’ll move on to the other, thornier topic I want to discuss, which is the game being a massive part of one of the worst promotional disasters I’ve seen in recent memory (beyond this, anyway).

Their Cross Counter reality show was a neat premise at least; it was designed to put Tekken and Street Fighter competitors into two teams and the two would challenge each other to rounds to win prizes and such.  Witness the teams work out strategies and practice with each other to get better, the thrill of the battles with their rivals.  Novel idea.  Alas, this intriguing notion was quickly sullied thanks to a large dose of misogynistic behavior that is unacceptable.  Miranda “Super_Yan” Pakodzi, a member of Team Tekken, suffered multiple cases of sexual harassment, mostly from the Team Tekken coach Aris Bakhtanians, which led to her forfeiting her spot and departing the show.  Here’s a link with Super_Yan explaining her reasoning for her leaving.

There’s two major problems here.  One is easy to spot – Bakhtanians had no right to be such a jerk to Super_Yan, and stating that his rudeness is because “sexual harassment and the fighting game community are “’one and the same thing’” (Penny Arcade) is both ridiculous and insulting to the majority of fighting game community.  As a casual fighting game fan, I certainly do not want to be lumped in with sexist pigs.  I also know a few others more passionate than me that would be offended as well.  But Bakhtanians’ atrocious behavior is seemingly okay with Capcom due to the absolute lack of …well, any sort of reprimanding for this sickening behavior.  To my knowledge Capcom hasn’t even said ANYTHING about this beyond a canned PR piece:

“The views and opinions expressed by cast members in the live internet program “Cross Assault” do not reflect those of Capcom. As a company, Capcom believes that everyone should be treated with respect,” a Capcom representative said. “This particular issue was brought to our attention and has been addressed. We sincerely apologize to anyone that was offended by any comments expressed during the show.” (Penny Arcade)

We don’t know what this “addressing” means, and as far as I’m aware Bakhtanians remained a part of the show to its conclusion.

Super_Yan’s exit, especially in the wake of her being noticeably distressed in her last fight, should have been a clear indicator something was amiss, and there’s no shortage of evidence of Bakhtanians’ sexist remarks, which “included speculation on her bra size, suggestions that he was going to ‘smell’ her, and a proposal that she mud-wrestle another female gamer, with the winner going on to fight him” (Forbes [yes, it has gotten THAT much traction]), thanks to the nature of this being…a TV reality show.

Alas, even with all of the gaming press putting a well-lit spotlight on the skeletons that lurk in the fighting game closet, it wasn’t enough.  A Level Up Wednesday Night Fights event, recorded a day after this all went down, featured Marn and Christian “poking fun at the whole situation and talking about what NOS girl they would hit.” (Shoryuken)  First of all, when one person is being an ass, it doesn’t excuse you to join in the asshatery.  Second of all, it cast a further cloud over the community as a bunch of misogynist dicks, and, again, as a casual member of this group, I don’t want that association AT ALL.  It makes all male gamers, fighting game fans or not, look like moronic douches who can only think with their penis.  And it alienates the potential female fan base that would love to be a part of the scene, but can’t escape the overbearing and archaic chauvinism that some of the male sex believe is necessary to be a gamer.  It absolutely is not, but it takes much more than me typing it to make a change in the overall atmosphere of the gaming populace.

What’s truly disheartening about all this is the wonderful being that is the Internet.  While there have been several people who have taken Bakhtanians to task for his sexism (me included), there’s been nearly as many who have defended him. Many commentators on the Web, thanks to the delightful anonymity of the Internet, have showcased the same bigoted behavior as Bakhtanians, if not more.  It’s appalling to know that many immature males have enough conviction (or lack of forethought) to throw their online weight into the sexism arena.  In that light, I must applaud inkblot of SRK who has a made a strong statement following the WNF fiasco:

Neither SRK nor Evo in any way condones the behavior from last night.  To make this perfectly clear, we are pulling the Evo seeding points for WNF’s first season in 2012, as well as SRK’s sponsorship of WNF.  I personally have a lot of confidence in the Level | Up team to set a new standard for themselves and hope to work with them in the future.  For now though, that’s not possible.

That was a bold stand to take, and I wish Capcom would have done the same with their show.  Banning Bakhtanians from competing and/or stripping away his coach title would have been appropriate for his lewd and unjust behavior, and if it was done in a quicker fashion, perhaps Super_Yan would still have been an active participant.  What’s done is done.  We need to progress, men, and evolve beyond these inhibiting, horrific stereotypes that some males feel the need to propagate.

So, to come back to you, Capcom, in light of your audacious behavior that has yet to cease since last year, I’m saddened to tell you that I’m through.  Until I see a distinct change in your company’s PR, I refuse to provide you with any further money.  I will buy your games used.   Between screwing with your customers via DLC magic lamps to letting such a unfair and sexist environment permeate your sanctioned marketing ploy, I see no reason to maintain a business relationship with you until you show me more professionalism and good will towards your fan base.  Your link from LVLs. is removed, and I will make much less noise about your upcoming titles because I just don’t care anymore. Resident Evil 6 was a game I was really getting excited about, and I’m sure that I’ll continue to keep an eye on it, but I have to tell you I’m afraid Leon’s chapter will be DLC and that it’s actually on the disc waiting for me to pay out additional money to enable its playability.  You’ll find a way to disappoint me.  I hate typing that, but I just know.  I will remember you for all of the good memories and great games of your past, and nothing you do now can ever take that away from me, but the way your company currently is run has tried my patience too far.

UPDATE – Holy fucking shit – there’s PRESET COMBOS LOCKED ON THE DISC THAT REQUIRE DLC.  So not only are we not receiving the full amount of characters at launch, we’re also not receiving the full potential of ANY SINGLE CHARACTER at launch.  Just when I thought I may have been a bit extreme last night composing my conclusion here, you’ve complete gone and justified my anger.  For fuck’s sake, Capcom, this is more than highway robbery, it’s outright implicit deceit.

Capcom Pisses on Gamers’ Legs, Claims It’s Rain (SF x Tekken DLC)

There are many types of rain that one might encounter in their lives.  Heavy Rain is beautiful, but leaves you feeling slightly cheated and lied to.  Chocolate rain might make you giggle slightly for a few seconds, then continue for no readily explainable reason for another four years.

Then there’s rain as defined by Capcom.  By their lexicon, “rain” is when someone takes a leak all over you and asks for your thanks (and money) in return.  Case in point: Their latest crossover fighter, Street Fighter x Tekken, features no fewer than 12 DLC characters ON-DISC.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve purchased my fair share of DLC in my time.  Hell, probably even more than my fair share.  I’m not against the idea of spending money beyond the initial outlay to expand and extend a game’s experience.  Capcom just seems bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands, though.

The explaination they’ve provided is less than endearing, as well.  If we’re to believe them, these characters are already on the disc to aid with compatibility between people who buy the DLC and those who don’t.  Additionally, they state that it helps cut down on the file sizes for the DLC itself.  Well no shit, Sherlock.  Where’d you park the squad car?  When all you’re downloading is a text file with an unlock key in it, I’d expect it to be pretty damn small.

You’ve got some nerve, Capcom.

Roundtable #4 – Our Most Anticipated 2012 Games

With 2012 upon us, Nester, Jason X and I ruminated on what games we were stoked about that are coming out this year.  I’ll get the ball rolling:


The Wii is on its last legs, but there’s four games I’m excited about, with one guaranteed to arrive in America (I’m banking on at least one other, Nintendo of America!).

THE LAST STORY (Nintendo/Mistwalker, February 24, 2012 [EU])

Let me put it this way – I’ve been considering importing this. I hope Xenoblade Chronicles sells like bananas and Nintendo of America can be bothered to bring over this game as well, but I’m very iffy on that circumstance, and if I can conjure up the price to ship it over by the time February rolls around, I’ll do it. I want this game that badly.  It’s tragic that that probably won’t happen, though. :(  So buy Xenoblade, everyone!

XENOBLADE CHRONICLES (Nintendo/Monolith Soft, April 2, 2012)

My pre-order is complete and I’m merely waiting for the game now.  I really wanted to support this endeavor, and I hope it helps get more titles like it out here. Doesn’t hurt it’s been so wonderfully reviewed. :)

DRAGON QUEST X (Square-Enix, ?)

Nintendo has, to its credit, been very kind to the Dragon Quest fandom the last two years, picking up Square-Enix’s slack and localizing Dragon Quest IX, VI and Monsters 2 Joker. I have a sneaking hunch that DQX will see American shores, but only the Wii U version. If NoA surprises me by doing the Wii one as well or instead, well, you’ve probably got my money.

PANDORA’S TOWER (Nintendo/Ganbarion, Q2 2012 [EU])

This action game from Ganbarion looks fascinating, and while it tends to be overshadowed by Xenoblade and The Last Story, it would be joyous if this too made its way across the Pacific to America.


Here’s the six games I’m most excited about for the PS3 this year.

NI NO KUNI: THE ANOTHER WORLD (Namco-Bandai/Level-5, TBA 2012)

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s beautiful RPG attracts my attention quite heavily. It’s lush looking, has quirky character design and sounds intriguing. I’m definitely psyched about having the chance of taking this for a spin.

TALES OF GRACES F (Namco-Bandai, March 13, 2012)

A new Tales title? Man, I am pretty jazzed about the prospect.  It’s coming out at an awkward time for me, but I do intend on picking it up posthaste.  I have enjoyed what little I’ve played of the franchise, and I hope this matches up to Symphonia in terms of enjoyment.

SLY COOPER: THIEVES OF TIME (Sony/Sanzaru Games, May 31, 2012)

I adore Sly 2 (and like Sly 3), so another game in the series is good news in my book. I hope Sanzaru can maintain the engaging gameplay and character relationships that Sucker Punch did so well – early indications are pointing towards yes.

RESIDENT EVIL 6 (Capcom, November 20, 2012)

This was a pleasant surprise!  I do love me some main series RE, especially when Leon is involved as a protagonist (RE2 and RE4 are my favorites by a long shot).  The mix of zombies, plagas and new enemies intrigues me, and I hope that the mix of three separate stories can combine into on cohesive package of goodness.

SOUL CALIBUR 5 (Namco-Bandai, January 31, 2012)

I haven’t been this interested in a new Soul Calibur title in quite some time.  This one seems to be swinging the balance back into what made the first game so good, and has some refinements and additions that seem to be evolving the gameplay.  Here’s to it being a solid sequel that fixes many of the issues I’ve had with the second and third chapters.

RESIDENT EVIL: OPERATION RACCOON CITY (Capcom/Slant Six, March 20, 2012)

Grace and I dug SOCOM 3 a lot on the PS2, and this seems to be a decent comparison to that series, but with ZOMBIES. :p  I don’t know if Slant Six is up to the task (little gameplay has been shown), but the premise is interesting enough for me to be curious.

 At this early point, my most anticipated game of 2012 is Xenoblade Chronicles. Nearly everything I’ve heard about it sounds like just the RPG I’ve needed to get back into the genre. And I would be equally looking forward to both The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower should they also make it across the ocean.

Next up is SSX (formerly SSX: Deadly Descent). After the amazing SSX 3 in 2003, the series got a little lost and ultimately went downhill. (Har har!) Hopefully this revival will bring the snowboarding series back closer to its original appeal.

Although there’s no official confirmation, based on rumors and the success of the original, I think it’s a fairly safe bet that Epic Mickey 2 is in the works. Whether or not it would actually be scheduled for a 2012 release remains to be seen, but in any event, I’m a big fan of the original, and I look forward to see where this series goes.

Finally, there’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. I actually enjoyed Episode I, and as Sonic Team has directly addressed criticism of the first, the second could shape up to be even better.

Of course, who knows what other tantalizing games will be announced before year’s end.

2012 will either be known of one of two things: It will be the year that the world ends according to a completely arbitrary belief system, or Ron Paul will lose. It’s still too early to say for sure if any Ewoks would do their little victory dance after the latter, but I’m willing to put even money on it.

Aside from that, 2012 will also see a long list of new video game releases. People complain about the fourth quarter rush each year, but really, there’s never a “slow” time for games. I usually spend January – August catching up on whatever I missed from the previous year. The following are the games I’m interested in picking up over the next 12 months. Will my wife allow me to spend this much money on something as discretionary as electronic entertainment? Only time will tell.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

I’m not using hyperbole when I say that playing FFXIII was worse than all three of the kidney stones I’ve had in my life. Those caused me unimaginable pain that seemed to never end…but at least I didn’t pay $60 for any of them.

So why would I be excited about the sequel to such an awful, awful game? Well, mainly because it seems to have addressed most of the criticisms people had about the last one. The world is no longer composed entirely of a straight line from plot point to plot point. Supposedly the combat system opens up much more quickly, as well. By all accounts, it also features 100% less Hope and Snow, which really seals the deal for me.

We’ll see how it turns out in the end.

Soul Calibur V

Not much to say about this one. It’s Soul Calibur, so you know it’s going to be good. A lot of people bitched about SCIV, but aside from the Star Wars characters feeling entirely out of place, I didn’t see what the problem was. It was just more of the same stuff we’ve enjoyed in the past.

That’s really all I’m looking for with this one, though the idea of being able to play as Ezio Auditore is also interesting.

Mass Effect 3

Unless some huge announcement is made later in the year, I’m pegging this as my most-anticipated release in 2012. I can’t wait to see how the choices from the first two games import into the final entry in the trilogy. Will the Illusive Man get his comeuppance? Will Garrus learn how to smile? Will Ashley bust out my teeth for banging Miranda?

I need to know!

Street Fighter x Tekken

Truth be told, I really can’t stand the Tekken franchise. I’m really more interested in the fact that this is another Capcom vs Random Other Company game. Really, if they just dropped this entire idea and gave us Capcom vs SNK 3, I’d mail them my money today.

Silent Hill HD Collection

It doesn’t get much better than SH2 and 3, but when you add Achievements to them, my excitement goes to 11. I have to wonder how well the new voice actor for James will sound, but aside from that, I don’t see how this could possibly get screwed up.

And now I’ve jinxed it.

Silent Hill: Downpour

On the other end of the spectrum, we have SH: Downpour. I won’t mince words. Homecoming was absolute shit. I’m sure the people at Double Helix meant well, but good intentions aren’t enough to craft a solid experience in this series.

I want to believe. Honestly, I do. I’ve just been burned too many times by Konami to hold out much hope for this one. So why is it on this list? Because I’m a sucker that buys every game in a franchise once I get into it. That’s really part of the problem, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

People like to complain about how the RE franchise doesn’t change much from game to game. That’s certainly true, but I’m not sure I would know how to feel about something that appears to be Rainbow 6 + Raccoon City. I really enjoyed both of the Outbreak games, but you were playing as ordinary people in those. We’ll see how well this new idea plays out after it ships.

Devil May Cry Collection

By all accounts, DMC2 is the black sheep of the Devil May Cry family. It isn’t much fun, that’s definitely true, but I’m dreading a replay of DMC3 a whole lot more. That game was just vicious in its difficulty settings. Supposedly the Special Edition toned things down a bit, but I got the original when it launched in 2005, so I have no idea if the changes helped at all or not.

It’ll be interesting to see how well these three hold up by today’s standards when it comes out.

Tales of Graces F

It’s kind of annoying that we aren’t getting Xillia, but at least we’ll be receiving the improved PS3 port of Graces. Then again, I’m not exactly in a rush for this one. I still haven’t beaten Symphonia, the Abyss or Legendia.

Xenoblade Chronicles

I really didn’t think this was going to happen. Thankfully it did, though. My Wii has been making really pathetic coughing noises for over a year now, most likely from starvation.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one, so we’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

Max Payne 3

I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical about this one. It isn’t being developed by Remedy, and the original character designs had Max being bald and fat. Thankfully they’ve revised that so he looks a lot less infirm, but Rockstar isn’t exactly known for creating tight gunplay in its games.

Here’s hoping that this release ends up being a worthy entry in the series.

Whatever New Assassin’s Creed Game Comes Out This Year

You all know it’s going to happen. I can’t say I agree with Ubisoft making the AC series into an annual event, but it’s 2012. There’s no way they’re going to skip releasing a sequel this year when it’s so intrinsically tied to the franchise’s mythology.

All I’m asking for is a new era and a new ancestor. Ezio is a great guy, but I got bored with him back in Brotherhood.

Resident Evil 6

This is definitely the one game I was least expecting to hear about this year. I’m kind of iffy on the idea of having three main characters to play as, but hey. More Leon. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

So long as they don’t screw things up along the lines of RE5, this should be a sure thing.


There are a few other titles that are supposed to hit this year, but so far are lacking a firm release date. These are the ones that I’m most hoping will see the light of day this year:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence

I really, truly have no idea of what to expect with this one. MGS has always been a slow-paced affair, so it’ll be interesting to see the action cranked up a notch. I have a lot of faith in Platinum Games and their ability to provide an entertaining experience. I only hope that the nonsensical plot twists are kept to a bare minimum this time around.

The Last Guardian

This fall will make it seven years since Shadow of the Colossus. Will we finally get to see that big, huge dino-bird in all its glory this year? Will we get to cry like babies when it inevitably dies? I sure hope so.

Grand Theft Auto V

I think it’s pretty lame that they’re taking this one back to San Andreas, but I’m sure the game itself will still be good. Just please, for the love of god, Rockstar. CHECKPOINTS.

The Simpsons Arcade

Word on the streets is that Konami’s other, 4-player, licensed arcade game from the 90s will finally be hitting XBLA and PSN at some point this year. Yes, please.

So in summary, 2012 looks to be mostly a holding-pattern year. You’d think that would mean I’d have more money, but you’d be wrong.

LVLs. Roundtable #2 – Capcom’s Gone ULTIMATE Crazy

For this edition of Roundtable, Jason X and I ponder the recent behavior of Capcom the last couple of weeks.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Watching the horrors of Capcom’s recent actions last week was a nightmare, honestly. I’ve been a pretty avid fan of theirs for a very long time. Mega Man 3 arguably was the first game my young mind pieced together with an actual company outside of Nintendo – I never really paid attention to that kind of thing until I resonated with MM3. Since those early days, I tended to associate Capcom with quality, and with good reason – despite a few missteps here and there, several of my favorite games and franchises came from this third party powerhouse. Resident Evil 4, the aforementioned Mega Man 3, the Ace Attorney series and Bionic Commando I would take with me to my grave, and I adore Street Fighter, the Vs. series and, to a lesser extent, Resident Evil, Okami, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Rival Schools, Strider and other franchises and titles. I really have loved Capcom – they’ve made some excellent games and tend to do so consistently.

However, despite being a big fan, even I have to question the ethics of their recent actions. Capcom as a whole are changing, and it seems that their direction is moving away from the company I grew up with and admired.  While quite guilty of rehashing in the past, this has intensified in recent years. Street Fighter IV has seen three iterations in three years, ULTIMATE Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 arrives under a year of the original release, Dead Rising 2 getting a recoated upgrade with Frank West, and the intense focus on DLC additions (and then releasing the game with DLC as a second retail release) have made purchasing games from them a dicey business for the consumer. I’m already going to hold off on Street Fighter x Tekken because I can almost guarantee they will be readying a follow-up once they shove the first out the door. How many times does Capcom think they can weasel their customer base like this before they realize they’re buying inferior product? Having not gotten entangled in this behavior until the announcement of UMvC3, I’m not allowing myself to be suckered again.

The Mega Man Legends 3 fiasco is another reason to show concern about one of my favorite companies. The project started out wonderfully – Keiji Inafune expressing the desire to create the game for years suddenly has the opportunity to, and for the 3DS, to boot! Fans who have clamored for a return to the Legends world were excited, and some bought the handheld without hesitation for the good times ahead. Unfortunately for them, this particular experiment quickly showed signs of going sour. Inafune left Capcom, and in his wake a Dev Room concept was pioneered for hype building and fan interaction but later confirmed the game was never greenlit for full production, a paid demo was announced but would not star Mega Man Volnutt but a new character named Barrett, Mega Man Universe was cancelled, the 3DS Shop opened and no trace of said demo appeared, and a removal of the link to the Dev Room on Capcom’s Japanese page all spelled trouble over the few months between its reveal to its sudden cancellation last week. The latest head trips are that Capcom Europe blamed the fans for its cancellation last week on its Twitter feed, and now the Japanese production team are yearning for a last-ditch effort to save the project with more Servbot sign-ups…is this earnest or an attempt to truly screw around their fanbase…AGAIN?

In the midst of ULTIMATING Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and dicking around their Legends devotees, Capcom threw out one of their odder decisions which just iced the cake – a Street Fighter and Hello Kitty crossover merchandising deal. Yes, you read that right. Capcom isn’t keen on developing Mega Man Legends 3 due to financial reasons yet is willing to blow money on licensing Hello Kitty wearing Street Fighter clothing?

I look back on this last week and shake my head. This is not the Capcom I remember. I recall a company that made fantastic games, and while they did regurgitate some of their big properties a bit (Street Fighter II and Mega Man say hi!), they were unafraid of taking risks and trying out new concepts and ideas. Some worked, some did not. The Capcom of today would probably not have made Bionic Commando (NES) because of the radical notion of not jumping. Street Fighter II would be shelved because the first did not garner enough interest or play well enough to have a sequel made. Mega Man himself almost lost his chance in the 1980′s after the first game failed to meet expectations, but Inafune and a small group of devoted Capcom employees worked on a sequel by themselves, managed to get it greenlit and launched one of the finer games for the NES. Legends 3 was in a similar spot, but failed to pass that goal. Now, we didn’t get a chance to see how well it played (which we should have, since we were promised the demo!) compared to being able to buy Mega Man 2, but the point is still the same. The Capcom of today is no longer the one I used to love, and I think I’m going to need some time to come to terms with that.

Popular opinion seems to state that Japanese gaming is experiencing a decline. Capcom appears to be doing its level-best to reinforce that belief, as it pulls one boneheaded move after another. First came the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. While I’ll admit I’m only a fan in the passing sense of Mega Man as a whole, I can easily see how the die hards would have been hurt by this. It’s been nearly 11 years since the last MML game was released. A lot of people had been looking forward to a new entry in the franchise, and it’s incredibly malevolent for a company to build up their hopes, just to pull the rug out from under them. The best comparison I could make is if Atlus had cancelled Persona 3 in the summer of 2007.

Following that announcement, Capcom displayed absolutely no shame by letting everyone know that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is coming this November. Now, this is a series that I have more experience with, and it would be an understatement to say that this news pissed me off. It’s not that the revision is unprecedented, per se. Rather, it hasn’t even been six months since the original game hit the shelves. They couldn’t even wait a year to pull this kind of stunt? This is also months after one of the Capcom reps stated that there would be no more DLC for MvC3, inferring that the game hadn’t sold well enough to warrant further development.

Just to rub a little more salt into the wound, the new content for UMvC3 will NOT be available as DLC to owners of the original MvC3. This means that anyone interested in the new characters (Strider, Ghost Rider, Phoenix goddamn Wright) will have to shell out $40 to get them at launch. Naturally, a lot of people are furious over this whole mess, and are vowing to either buy the game used, or just pirate it outright.

Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Capcom had the unmitigated gall to say that MML3 just MIGHT be able to come out after all. That is, so long as enough people in the fanbase agree to sign up for a petition that reveals their personal details over Facebook. Why not just take everyone’s social security numbers and credit card info while you’re at it? What the HELL is this company thinking?

A lot of Japanese game developers have fallen pretty far from their glory days. Sega, Square, Konami, Nintendo…Maybe Capcom felt left out. At this point, I’m honestly left dumbfounded from the thought that this is the same company that produced U.N. Squadron, Magic Sword, Breath of Fire, Onimusha, Resident Evil, and a ton of other fun, memorable games.

Regardless of what happens in the future, it’s good to know where the public stands with Capcom. I know I won’t be shelling out for Super Dead Rising 2, or buying into anymore of their inane bullshit. All I can do is look back at how things used to be, and wonder how it got this bad.

So, I mentioned that the developers were clamoring for more people to sign up for the dev room to make a last minute dash (hah) to save Mega Man Legends 3? Well, despite that and other grassroots efforts (including a fairly hefty campaign on Facebook, as Jason mentioned), Capcom’s not changing their tune. This latest flip of a coin is showcasing how screwed up Capcom’s relationship with their fans has become within a span of a couple weeks. I…really don’t know what to think about them now. I suppose I’ll retreat back into their glory days. Breath of Fire II, maybe?

That’s about all that can be done at this point, as it seems that Capcom is honestly trolling the general public now. No new Breath of Fire games, no new Darkstalkers, no new Mega Man. Bionic Commando is probably as dead as Namco’s Splatterhouse right about now. So what do we get? Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v. 2012!!! This is after a rep for the company already said that there would be no further revisions beyond the original Arcade Edition.

Just imagine if Capcom had been a movie studio over the past 100 years. Casablanca: Championship Edition. Super Godfather II. Forrest Gump Turbo.

They simply have no shame.

It sure seems like they don’t, man. I want my old Capcom back!


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