Opinions: Artistic Discussion – 8/8/2017

This is certainly one way to sell a game: highlight a shitting cute dinosaur’s poop face. XD (I genuinely can’t add anything else. It’s Bub taking a bubble crap as the box art. Just what the fuck) Advertisements

Opinion: Artistic Discussion (7/19/2017)

So last time we did a great example of box art, and this time…very much the opposite. I don’t know what marketing genius thought this would be a marvelous means of selling Taito’s cute puzzler Bust A Move 2 to Saturn and Playstation owners, but it happened, and we are all the worse for it….

Music: Five Great Compositions from Women

It’s a bit of a tradition of mine to write about women composers in March, so I’m going to do that again with 5 of my favorite songs from my Top 100. Note – I realized I accidentally wrote about Wild Arms twice, so I’m picking a new song for this feature.   Winds across…

Opinion: Retro Comps – Taito Legends 1 and 2

Long ago, I had a feature here on retro compilations. This is an attempt to sort of bring that back, but this time around I’m just going to focus on the ones I think excel at their job of bringing together a bunch of great games. TAITO LEGENDS (PS2, Xbox, and PC) Highlights: Bubble Bobble,…