VGM Favorites Hub

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while here on LVLS is discuss video game music in a grander, more appreciative scale. I love VGM — it’s a vital component of my mental joy. So here is a hub of the impending series I plan on writing on my favorite songs, composers, soundtracks and remixes.

Top 100 Songs (List)
Top 5 Ending Themes
Top 5 Official In-Game Remixes of Pre-Existing Songs
Five Great “Level 1” Themes
Top 5 Town Themes
5 Great Compositions from Women

Top 5 Intros

5 Wonderful Level Themes
Five Great “Overworld” Themes
Three More Endings (and Two Others)
Five Random Selections
Five More Random Selections
Five SPOOKY VGM Favorites
Four Zelda selections (plus Fire Emblem Awakening!)
Five NES Songs I Adore
5 VGM Favorites from the 16-bit Era
Five Nintendo Selections from my Top 100 VGM

Five Modern RPG & Action/Adventure Tunes from my Top 100
Five of my Top 100 VGM from All Over the Map
The Last 5 Songs from my Top 100 VGM!
Top 10 of My Top 100 VGM Songs

Top 25 Soundtracks Hub

Posts on Composers:
Top 5 Composers for the NES
Women VGM Composers You Should Know (hub)

Fan and Official Remixes (not in-game):
Top 25 Fan Remixes Hub