VGM Favorites Hub

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while here on LVLS is discuss video game music in a grander, more appreciative scale. I love VGM — it’s a vital component of my mental joy. So here is a hub of the impending series I plan on writing on my favorite songs, composers, soundtracks and remixes.

Top 100 Songs (List)
Top 5 Ending Themes
Top 5 Official In-Game Remixes of Pre-Existing Songs
Five Great “Level 1” Themes
Top 5 Town Themes
5 Great Compositions from Women

Top 5 Intros

5 Wonderful Level Themes
Five Great “Overworld” Themes
Three More Endings (and Two Others)
Five Random Selections
Five More Random Selections

Top 5 Composers for the NES

Top 25 Soundtracks:
Skies of Arcadia
Beyond Good & Evil, Batman (NES), Dragon Quest VIII (NA PS2)

Fan and Official Remixes (not in-game):